I was recently invited by a colleague to speak to her audience via an Instagram LIVE video about managing change. She described me as “The Queen of Pivoting” which made me giggle. Then, it made me think. I suppose that it’s true that I’ve survived more than a few shifts.

Big Dog Pawn Team

Family is everything to the folks at Big Dog Pawn. Their family-owned and operated stores with two Utah locations, in Murray and West Jordan, are known for making their customers and community feel like family.

Recently, their team made 120 meals for the Principal’s Pantry at one of their local schools. These weekend packs go to kids who don’t have much food outside of school. When they go home on the weekend, eating every night doesn’t always happen.

“We originally started supporting a charity called…

Cyndee Harrison

I'm a storyteller and dots connector. I'm drawn to telling stories about industries that are misunderstood or stigmatized.

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